The MagnaPass Guide to CLASSES

Published on Friday 3 January 2020


Hosting weekly recurring classes are a great way to generate new clients because of the flexible drop-in option. Once someone has turned up to your class, even if it's just once, you have the opportunity to turn them into a regular client.

Classes can be set up really quickly and easily using MagnaPass. We're going to give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know to set up your classes and start receiving bookings and payments...

MagnaPass Dashboard

When you sign up for an account with MagnaPass, you get your own MagnaPass dashboard. This is where you create and customise your public profile, track your bookings, and everything else you need to mange your business. 

For now, we're going to be focusing on how to set up classes (see our other blog posts for details about setting up Appointments, Packages, Events and Courses).

When setting up a class, go to 'My Services', select 'Classes'. Here you will see a list of all of your created classes. If you don't have any classes yet this will be empty. So if you want to set up a new class, click the 'Create a new class' button to get started.

Class type

The class type is the basic headline information about the class including the class name, description and activity type. Add the final touches by uploading a thumbnail image and cover image for the class to make it truly unique. 

All of this information will display on a public booking page for your clients to book through. Each class has its own corresponding public profile page which you can share with your clients on social media, email lists or however else you usually contact them.

From here you can schedule multiple versions of the same class (e.g. on multiple days of the week or at different prices).

Class schedule

Start date, end date, day of the week, address, start time, end time, spaces, price, ability level.

Making changes to a class

1. Putting a class 'On hold' to hide a class:

You can switch this setting on and off in your dashboard. This means that the class will be hidden from public view on your MagnaPass profile and the website integration. However, you will still have access to it in your dashboard to take it off hold at any time. You may wish to do this if you're going on holiday, if you want to temporarily pause a class, or you just want to stop taking bookings for it.

When putting a class on hold, you can either put the overall class type on hold which means all scheduled versions of that class also go on hold (e.g. all 'Vinyasa Yoga' classes). Or you can just put specific scheduled versions on hold (e.g. 'Vinyasa Yoga' on Thursday at 6pm).

2. Making 'Adjustments' to your class schedule:

If you have a sequence of recurring weekly classes, you may only want to change one or two of that sequence without affecting the rest before and after. That's where 'adjustments' come in. When you're editing the scheduled class, you'll see a yellow button at the bottom of the page in the centre. By clicking that button, you are able to set up the adjustment you need.

Adjustments can be made to the address, start time, end time, number of spaces and price. You can also put the class on hold for the duration of the adjustment. Once you've adjusted the details you need to, finally set the start and end date of the adjustment and save.

For example, if you have a class on every Monday at 6pm and you want to change the address of one class independent of the others in the sequence. You edit the specific Monday 6pm class in the 'Schedule' tab, click the yellow adjustment button at the bottom of the page, select the start and end date of the adjustment to include the class in question, make the changes (in this case enter the new address) and save your changes.

3. Editing a class

If you want to make changes to the details of the overall class type such as the name, description or images. You can do this by editing the class type and saving the changes.

Sometime you'll want to make changes to the scheduled classes such as address, start time, end time, number of spaces and price. You do this by editing the scheduled classes (in the 'Schedule' tab of the class). Make your desired changes and remember to save.

In both cases, editing the details affects all of the upcoming classes that are subject to the changes.

Deleting a class

If you wish to delete a class, it will remove all record of the class past, present and future. So if you don't want to lost the bookings data attached to it, you can download/screenshot the information to track elsewhere. Or you can just put the class on hold, which will keep it in your dashboard but will not be available publicly until you take it off hold.

Like the 'On hold' option, you have the option of deleting the overall class type (which will also delete all scheduled versions of the class). Or you can just delete an individual scheduled version of the class.

Once you've decided which class you'd like to delete, identify the class type or class schedule and click the red delete icon. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm if you definitely wish to delete the class, click the red 'Confirm delete' class if you'd like to finalise the deletion.

Viewing and managing a class

View calendar

View bookings

View members


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