The MagnaPass Guide to PACKAGES

Published on Tuesday 2 February 2021

Packages Overview

Packages are a block of passes that can be purchased by clients - for example: "5 Class Pass".

We call them a 'Package' but you may know them as a class pass, block, credits or something else! Whatever you like to call them, you can offer them through your MagnaPass account.

Packages a great way to offer clients a discounted rate for purchasing multiple sessions in one go and ensure you receive a larger upfront payment than a single session - it's a win-win!

For example, if you offer Private Personal Training at £50 per session, you may wish to offer your clients the option to pay £450 for a package of 10 sessions in one purchase (9 for the price of 10).

You can customise the packages (keep reading for more details) by setting the price, how long until the passes expire, number of sessions, start dates and which sessions are included.

Once you've created packages, you can let MagnaPass do the rest. Clients purchase the packages, email confirmations are sent automatically, passes are added to their account, then they spend the passes to book sessions. When they run out of passes, they can purchase another package and start booking again.

You can track how many live passes are in circulation, view package purchase history, track package usage and manage passes manually (again, keep reading for more details).

There are a number of variables you can use to tailor a package to your specific needs. This includes:


Setting up a Package

Getting Started

The first step is to sign into your MagnaPass dashboard. Select 'My Services' and then 'Packages'. This will display a list of packages (or an empty list if you don't have any packages set up yet). To begin setting up a package, click the 'Create a new package' button.

If you don't have a MagnaPass account, you can find out more here and sign up for a free 30-day trial. Our team are more than happy to answer any questions by email or set up a demo call with you. Please scroll to the bottom of this article for more details of how to get in touch.

MagnaPass Tip: Packages are a great way to get paid upfront for your services whilst giving clients a preferable per class rate - win, win! Packages increase the chances of cultivating a base of repeating loyal clients.

Basic Information

Firstly, let's start with the basics - the name of the package. This can be changed later but we recommend you keep it simple: If the package is for the client to purchase ten passes to use on any class, "10 Class Pass" would be suitable. 

However, we recommend the name is specific where it needs to be. For example, if the package is for five private yoga appointments, "5x One-to-One Yoga" would be appropriate.

Next, enter the price of the package. Just enter the numerical value excluding the currency symbol. For example: DO write "50.00" and DON'T write "£50.00".

Then fill out the description field. This can be copy & paste text from elsewhere or something written from scratch. Keep this as concise and to-the-point as possible. The simpler it is, the better your clients will understand the package (therefore, more likely to make a clear decision to purchase).

MagnaPass Tip: Keep your range of packages to a minimum. The more choice, the more clients have to think about which one to choose and can negatively affect the purchase process.


This is the time that clients have to use their passes from the start date (see below). This is set in weeks, so just select a number from the drop down field. The minimum is 1 week, the maximum is 52 weeks. The duration dictates the expiry date of the package (and the passes included) from the designated start date (see below).

This could be related to the number of sessions included in the package. For example: Clients might need a longer duration to use a package containing 20 passes than one containing 5 passes. If you don't want to pressure clients into using their passes, you can select the maximum of 52 weeks (which gives clients a whole year).

If necessary, you can extend the pass expiry dates manually (keep reading for more details).

MagnaPass Tip: We recommend you allow clients an extra two or three weeks  to use their passes. Life happens and clients might not be able to come to book every week, so giving them a little more flexibility can go a long way. For example, if a package includes 6 passes, set the duration to 8 weeks or more. 

Start Date

This can be a specific date from which all packages and passes will start. This is useful if you're running a limited-time offer or promoting a launch for a specific point in time. To do this, click on the date field and select the specific date on the calendar that pops up.

Otherwise, the most common scenario is that the start date is from the date of purchase. In which case, leave the start date field empty. If there is already a date in the field, click on the date field and then click the 'Clear' button at the bottom of the calendar that pops up.

MagnaPass Tip: Leaving the start date blank is the low-maintenance option. This means the package starts from the date of purchase and the system handles the rest for you automatically.

Number of Passes

This will determine how many passes are added to the clients account after they purchase the package. You can either give all of the passes in one go to be used before the expiry date. Enter a numerical value in the For example: 10. 

Or you can provide clients with a weekly amount of passes. In which case, choose a number from the drop-down field. For example: 2 per week.

Note: This variable is either/or so if you are offering 10 total passes in one go, enter "10" into the 'Sessions' field on the left and leave the 'Sessions per Week' drop-down field blank (and vice versa for the reverse).

MagnaPass Tip: For the low-maintenance option, simply enter a number into the 'Sessions' field and let MagnaPass take care of the rest automatically whilst providing your clients with plenty of flexibility. This option means if the clients uses all of their passes quickly within a week or two, they're in a position to purchase another package - which is great for you and client loyalty.

Which services are included

In the packages editor, select the 'Classes' tab and you'll see a drop-down field with an 'Add' button. Select the service you'd like to add to the package, then click 'Add'. Do this until all of the services you want to be included in the package are added.

It's important to add these services before packages are purchased by your clients. Packages (and the subsequent passes) that are added to the client's account are based on the settings of the package at the time of purchase. So if a class is added or removed after a client has bought a package, it will not affect their passes but it will effect any purchases after the changes are made.

Note: Before adding services to a package, you must first have created the services - this includes classes, events and courses. See our guides on how to set up your services below:

MagnaPass Tip: Consider grouping all of your classes to be included in the packages to offer the maximum flexibility to clients. Two or three packages is usually enough to cover all necessary package options.


Managing your Packages

Putting a package on hold

If you want to hide a package from public view so people can't book it (whether it's for a few hours or forever) you can select the 'On Hold' option in the package editor. Here's a step-by-step guide to putting a package on hold:

  1. Log into your MagnaPass account dashboard.
  2. Click "My Services" then select "Packages". This will display a full list of your packages.
  3. Click the yellow "Edit" icon to the left of the package name. This will take you to the package editor.
  4. Under the "Profile" tab within the package editor, tick the "On Hold" checkbox above the name field.
  5. Click the green "Save package changes" button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Putting a package on hold means the package will not be publicly visible to clients and therefore more can't be purchased. You are still able to give individual passes or entire packages to clients manually . Clients will still be able to use any passes and packages issued before you put the package on hold.

Editing a package

You can change the details of any of your packages whenever you need. To do this, follow the same first 3 steps from above:

  1. Log into your MagnaPass account dashboard.
  2. Click "My Services" then select "Packages". This will display a full list of your packages.
  3. Click the yellow "Edit" icon to the left of the package name. This will take you to the package editor.

Here you're able to adjust any details of the package. On the 'Profile' tab within the package editor you can update the name, price, description, start date, duration, number of sessions (or sessions per week). On the 'Sessions' tab you can add/remove which sessions are included in the package. Always remember to click the green 'Save package changes' after making your edits.

Note: When you make these changes, only the packages and passes that are issued after the changes will be affected. Any packages and passes issued before your changes.

Tracking passes and purchases

Deleting a package

NOTE: Clients may ask you how they can see their passes, how many they have left and how to use them. Read the following article to find out how to do all of that and feel free to send it to your clients: The MagnaPass Guide for CLIENTS.


Start your free 30-day trial

If you are interested in getting your online classes set up, we are more than happy to help you every step of the way. 

You can start a completely free 30-day trial here.

Please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing with your query.

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