Conditioning Workshops

by Fera

Conditioning Workshops by Fera

These set of workshops have a 5 week process, each week we will have a different focus on how we are going to use the body.

Week 1 - Girdle // We start by looking at the hip girdle and the shoulder girdle. We will work with exercises that strengthen, lengthen, mobilse and stablise the two girdles.

Week 2 - Rigid // The body needs to have the skill of holding itself in the most rigid of ways, offering correct and real structural integrity. We can move from a place of security if we know we have this on our side.

Week 3 - Groundwork // Here we play with animal movements throughout the whole class. This is where you come to discover flow, movement and how to truly work with movements based of transition.

Week 4 - Power // Working with exactly that; power. We will cover explosive exercise, and really exposing the body to a different energy system that given the right conditioning can really put the edge on the way you power through movement.

Week 5 - Rotate // The body will bend and turn in new ways, adding more stretch and strength to the multi-planes of motion which your body can have access to. It is time upgrade your movement dimensions.

Activity Types

Strength Training, Yoga & Pilates.

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