Missing Link Martial Arts

Japanese Karate - Chinese Roots - Modern Applications

Missing Link Martial Arts

Missing Link Martial Arts connects tradition, modern applications and two of the biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting content within the art and the philosophy behind it. We care deeply for Modern Application: Urban self defence, health and fitness, inner balance and well-being. Regular beginner's inductions open the art for new starters, and if you are an experienced martial artist, Missing Link might be the next big step in your personal development.

Sensei Heero Miketta, chief instructor in Manchester, has more than 30 years of martial arts experience, holds multiple black belts and is Founder Circle Member of the Missing Link Martial Arts Community. Originally German he spent many years in different countries (including China) before settling in Manchester as a teacher and writer.


One-to-One Training, Workshops, Corporate Sessions, Private Lessons, Public Classes, Seminars.

Activity Types

Martial Arts, Yoga & Pilates.