Urban Retreat

Escape To The City

Urban Retreat

Welcome to the Urban Retreat, a unique experience for Manchester where you can embrace a healthy lifestyle. Escape to the city with us.

The Urban Retreat brings together the best in fitness trainers, inspiring yogis, quality, local foodies, and authentic people who believe in self-development, healthy living, and a quality lifestyle.

Fitness: A range of sessions throughout the day from the finest, local trainers. Experience tough HIIT sessions, new styles of yoga, experiment with animal movements, and look to better yourself physically with a range of classes and sessions.

Food: Uncover delicious, locally-sourced foods that nourish your mind and body, not to mention delicious.

Wellness: Explore our wellness market and discover new ways to live in the moment, shop the best athleisure around, engage in inspirational workshops; embrace a better you.